Sigi Skin: The local skincare brand made for sleep-deprived Singaporeans

Sigi Skin: The local skincare brand made for sleep-deprived Singaporeans

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Text: Emily Heng

Editor: Jolene Khor

There are just some buzzwords out there which grip will never shake off the youngin'. If you're thinking avocados, fuss-free skincare (ain't nobody got time for a ten-step skincare routine) and a socially conscious ethos, then you're pretty much on the right track.

A beauty label that embraces them all sounds downright mythical if you ask us, but that is precisely what makes homegrown label Sigi Skin literal catnip for the millennial set. Combined with pretty pastel packaging and anti-pollution properties, Singaporean founder Xenia Wong has the makings of a winner in her hands. 

Stressed out? Fatigue AF? Sigi Skin knows the Singapore way of life, offering solutions to those of us who are ready to give up on a Wednesday (stay strong, hun). With skincare nasties such as parabens and sulfates out of the way, Sigi Skin lets its superfood ingredients, potent with antioxidants, shine. Advocates of avocado toasts, kale salads and acai bowls, take a moment from Instagramming your brunch to fly your basic flag proud, because Sigi Skin is packing them on your skin.

To tackle oh-so-common issues such as sensitive skin and pre-mature ageing, this Sigi Skin's three-step skincare comprises of all the essentials required in any beauty routine worth their salt: cleanser, sunscreen, and serum.

More details below:

Sigi Skin is available online. From $38 - $62. 

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