Shiseido's new moisturisers mark the future of skincare

Shiseido's new moisturisers mark the future of skincare

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Combining high technology with handmade craft elements, Shiseido's new range of moisturisers gives skin the energy it needs to stay youthful and the sensory experience you might be missing from your regimen

While we're glad that skincare and makeup technology has evolved beyond the first ingredients used — lead anyone? — there are some things we miss about small-batch, old school skincare. Like the containers used to hawk them from apothecary-style jars to gilded lipstick cases to handcrafted perfume flaçons.

So when we heard that Shiseido's new Essential Energy Moisturizing creams comes in 64 different jar shapes, we were floored. Inspired by Japanese tea ceremonies, the brand decided to creat 64 iterations of the jar, which are shaped like handcrafted tea bowls, and have an oddly imperfect feel to them. Holding each would be a unique, sensory and tactile experience that puts the personal touch back in what can feel very mechanised and mass produced.Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream

This literally means that unless the odds are strangely against you, you're likely to get a new jar shape each time you purchase one... for the first few months at least. Besides the unique containers — the bottoms for example are textured rather than smooth, so that it awakes your sense of touch when you hold it — there are other elements that work on your five senses. The scent of the cream is an uplifting blend of floral notes of jasmine and rose with delicate, fruity touches of pear and sweet Ume plum, so that your mind and your skin can associate the cream with a deeply relaxing, twice daily ritual. Rounding off the scent are traces of sweet orange and musky wood for a distinctive yet unobtrusive sillage.

Because this is Shiseido, you can also expect top notch technology when it comes to both the texture and the ingredients. Texture-wise, the Moisturizing Cream is rich yet delicate, with a silky sensation on the skin more akin to what you would expect from a luxury cream, rather than an $80 moisturiser. While we adore the cream for drier skin types like ours, the Moisturizing Gel Cream's, dewy, fresh texture is bound to be a hit in this climate. For those who prefer an Emulsion texture for the day that comes with SPF protection, there is a third option, the Day Emulsion SPF30/PA+++. Inside each jar and bottle of this moisturiser is the new ReNeura technology that is designed to awaken the skin's sensors so that is more responsive to other skincare, as well as bio-hyaluronic acid and citrus unshiu peel extract to encourage the skin's ability to create moisture and to hold hydration for longer. Other ingredients include tea and pearl extract to boost  skin's natural glow and Soutella baicalensis root extract to prevent the oxidation of sebum that causes our complexions to look dull and tired throughout the course of a day.

Designed especially for women in their 30s and beyond, this range of hydrating products improves the overall look of skin — from the appearance of pores and fine lines to visible dryness — so that skin looks plump and dewwy, even without any primer, foundation and highlighter. And in the age of modern luxury, what could be more luxurious than skin in it's prime condition, even without any facepaint to boost its appearance.

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