Sephora updates its Virtual Artist app with a new eye makeup function

Sephora updates its Virtual Artist app with a new eye makeup function

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Take playing with makeup to a whole new level with the upgraded version of this popular app from Sephora

We're living in technologically-savvy times. And like Sandra Bullock in the (surprisingly timely) 1995 movie The Net, you can actually get anything you need without ever leaving your home. In an era of Netflix (no need to go out to see movies), Honestbee (no need to queue for groceries) and now Sephora online, you're pretty much welcome to play the hermit at home. But before you load up your cart with the latest and greatest makeup buys, how about trying some of that stuff on virtually? If like us, you hate downloading new and pointless apps, rest assured this is not one of them. Why? The snazzy app scans each user's face to detect just the right placement for the eyes, lips and cheeks, and then allows you access to tonnes of the brands actually sold in Sephora — from Kat Von D Beauty to Zoeva to Benefit. The main benefit is that this app actually links you to a wide range of products for purchase, and not just one brand.

Without the need to remove your existing makeup and swatch your entire hand with lippie shades, you can actually peruse and check out lots of options on yourself and even save the images so that you can reference them when you're doing your online or real life shopping. For the new eye makeup component, you can apply whole looks on yourself, and find out the exact products needed to attain the look. Connecting with the app also allows you to add your favourites directly to a shopping bag. If you can get your friend or sister to snap a photo on your phone, it's also a great way to buy the right shades of lipstick or eyeshadow for them without them knowing. Need a new lipgloss refresh but have no time to head to Sephora? Buy one at your table at lunch and have it delivered to your office within a few days. 

Available at the App Store and on Google Play

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