Scent your space with Ashley & Co

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Scent your space with Ashley & Co
The niche fragrance line from New Zealand introduces five, interesting, new scents in Singapore

Buro previously interviewed the founders of Ashley & Co, husband and wife team Jackie and Ben Ashley, and now the brand is back with a wider range of scent offerings. If like us, you're seriously into their bath and home products, you'll be glad to know the new lineup at kapok includes five new scents. 

Some of the more interesting propositions include Bubbles & Polkadots — fresh garden rose mixed with powdery musk that supposedly smells like a baby fresh out of a bath — and the rather glamorous sounding Parakeets & Pearls —  a blend of lily, cardamom and tea accentuated by notes of orange rind and bergamot. 

Bubbles & Polkadots

Design-wise, the already pared-down packaging of the brand gets a mini revamp. With a grittier, more tactile finish and pressed graphics, each scent range also gets its own icon, so they're easier to identify. The scents will be available in a range of SKUs including hand creams, hand washes, mini soap bars as well as their hand-poured candles. Pop into kapok to sample them for yourself. And rather conveniently, pick up a gift or two for someone who appreciates unique fragrances and quietly luxurious products.

Ashley & Co products are available at kapok NDC, 111 Middle Road #01-05


Text: Renée Batchelor

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