Sasa to close Singapore stores, Pat McGrath x Star Wars, Fendi launches fragranced handbags, and other beauty news

Sasa to close Singapore stores, Pat McGrath x Star Wars, Fendi launches fragranced handbags, and other beauty news

Beauty Bits

Text: Emily Heng

1. Sasa to close down all outlets in Singapore.

The cosmetics retailer announced the impending closure of all outlets no thanks to an unsatisfactory performance that has incurred six years' worth of losses. While there's no official date as to when they will be shuttering for good, the company's management team has already begun negotiations with landlords of the stores to vacate "as early as possible." R.I.P.


2. Fendi releases a fragranced handbag line.

The bags in question are bright yellow and white 'baguettes' (a style and term coined by Fendi), available in three sizes. Infused with FendiFrenesia, this musky scent reportedly emits from the bag for up to four years. Sweet — as is the fact that each purchase is accompanied by a complimentary bottle of perfume.


3. Pat McGrath teams up with Star Wars to drop an out-of-this-world makeup collection.

Available beginning 13 December, the full collection comprises lip and eye products bedecked in packaging inspired by the film's iconic characters. Think R2-D2 lip balms, C3PO eyeshadow palettes, and the like. Might we suggest including baby Yoda in the line-up, next time?


4. Drunk Elephant will be launching a groundbreaking new product in 2020.

Meet the F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial, a mask designed for those with dry, parched complexions in serious need of hydration, moisture, and repair. The high-performance product is already accruing buzz due to its long list of highly replenishing ingredients and its claims to hold and maintain skin hydration levels. Will it live up to its hype? Guess we'll find out 1 January 2020.


5. Glow Recipe releases a fluffy, creamy Moisture Cream unlike anything we've ever seen.

The cult skincare label's Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream is making waves in part to its unique texture, but also due to its soothing properties designed to calm even the most reactive of skin. Is it too early to say that we smell another sell-out success in the works?


6. Justin Bieber gets a neck tattoo that matches his wife, Hailey's.

The singer posted the design on Instagram shortly after, showing off a bird with wings extended and the word "Forever" inked below. His wife, Hailey Bieber, also sports a tattoo in the same spot, though hers says "Lover." Speaking of surprising stylistic decisions...


7. Billie Eilish ditches her signature green locks.

Her new music video, "Xanny", sees Eilish rocking a dirty brown hair that is a dramatic departure from her usual look. No word yet as to if this is a wig or a dye job — either way, we're fans.


8. Foreo loses US$10 million after Black Friday glitch.

The Swedish skin tech brand suffered heavy losses after a malfunction in the system which allowed users to purchase their Smart Masking Device for just US$9.99. It usually retails at US$279, putting the product at a 96% discount. Foreo has announced, however, that they will honour all purchases made in this period despite the bug.