RMK's new Lip Jelly Gloss is pretty nifty

RMK's new Lip Jelly Gloss is pretty nifty

Lip treat

Text: Renée Batchelor

Don't think you're ready for this jelly? Once you've tried this new lip gloss from RMK, you'll be sold

RMK is a slightly under-the-radar Japanese makeup brand known for its luxurious foundations and wearable colours. For Christmas the brand introduces a new Lip Jelly Gloss. With a unique spatula applicator, the thick and glossy product creates plump and pouty lips. Think of them as an explosion of juiciness on your kissers. And an explosion of colour since there are 11 shades range from Sparkling Ruby to Baby Blue.

RMK Jelly Lip Gloss

How do you wear baby blue gloss? We're not exactly sure, but we suspect when applied over your regular lippie it will create a cool overtone and a sheer coat of shimmer rather than make you look like a failed pop star. (We're talking about you Kesha.) Either way blue lips seem pretty cool. 

$36. At RMK counters in December