RMK works with Japanese fashion designer Taro Horiuchi for its 20th anniversary fall collection

RMK works with Japanese fashion designer Taro Horiuchi for its 20th anniversary fall collection

Fast forward future

Text: Renée Batchelor

Collaborations with makeup houses and fashion designers have become almost ubiquitous. Here's why this new one from RMK is worth a second look

Makeup junkies are famous for going gaga over every limited edition collection that a brand rolls out. But if you want true bang for your buck, you should look beyond the pretty exterior and more closely into the products and colours themselves. RMK has outdone itself with bold, splashy and exciting colours this fall/winter, that one would associate more with a fashion brand rather than with the Japanese base and foundation specialist. Fitting then that they were created with designer Taro Horiuchi, who is known for his crisp and tailored clothing and masterful mix of prints, checks and stripes.RMK FFFuture eyeshadow palette

First up, the brand has five variation of the RMK FFFuture Eyeshadow Palette. Each contains four colours and specifically a white base colour, that was inspired by the gradients of white from a variety of fabrics – cotton, wool, leather, silk and velvet. Designed to match both warm and cool skin tones, there's an effortlessly artsy vibe that runs through all the shades. 

RMK lip palette

Other standouts in the collection are the Cheek Sticks that come in seemingly out-there shades. But take a closer look and a swipe it on your skin, and you'll see that they are colours that will work in most contexts. Baby Gold gives a natural contour to the skin, Future Red will lend a pop of warmth that can be blended in for a matte finish, while Blue White makes skin look clearer and brighter. Similarly, don't be put off by the blue shade of the Irresistible Glow lips and the Lip Jelly Gloss. The former will give a softness to the lips and can be used over or under existing colours, while the latter is an ultra-cool lip gloss in deep navy with shimmer, for an avant garde touch.

$25-$65. Available from mid-August 2017