Rise of the phoenix: SK-II Chinese New Year 2016 edition

Rise of the phoenix: SK-II Chinese New Year 2016 edition

Essence of life

Text: Renée Batchelor

For the first time this Chinese New Year, SK-II releases a limited-edition Facial Treatment Essence emblazoned with the phoenix

Few things symbolise transformative power like the resurrection of the phoenix. So it's fitting that this is what is etched on every limited-edition bottle of the brand's famed Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) for the upcoming Chinese New Year. In Chinese culture, the phoenix is also a symbol of harmony, female empowerment and rebirth putting it firmly in line with the brand's #changedestiny campaign. This campaign encourages women to put their future skin and their futures firmly in their own hands, tapping on the stories and experiences of famous women who have faced their fair share of challenges in life, from Priscilla Shunmugam to Anggun.

To create the design, jianzhi or paper cutting-style art was used. The result? A gorgeous, stylised phoenix that still looks modern, in the brand's signature red hue. We can even see it as one of those Eastern-inspired tattoos. Form can meet function, as the pretty bottle aside, the FTE is known to have a similarly transformative effect on skin. We definitely want one of our own to adorn our dressers and think it'll make the perfect gift for our mums and mother-in-laws.

$259. At SK-II counters