Reveal a newly refreshed complexion with Philosophy's retinol-soaked pads

Reveal a newly refreshed complexion with Philosophy's retinol-soaked pads

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Want a quick fix solution at night that works, but doesn't harm or dry out your skin? Give Philosophy's Ultimate Miracle Worker a try

When it comes to skincare, we'll be the first to tell you that there are no quick fix solutions. But sometimes not doing what you should be doing — properly cleansing, exfoliating dead skin cells and applying sunscreen — can produce pretty immediate results. Think breakouts, dull skin and patchy uneveness on the face. Philosophy's new and improved Ultimate Miracle Worker Multi-Rejuvenating Retinol + Superfood Oil Pads is a regime quick enough for even the laziest skincare user — simply add the retinol-rich formula to the individual pads to saturate it with the renewing ingredients and throw away the bottle. Apply the pads on the skin, directly after cleansing, being sure not to miss the neck and hands, and you're good to go. How often to apply? Every night. Although if you see irritation, cut it down to every other night, or even to just twice a week. This nighttime treatment was formulated to fight subtle signs of ageing that make you look older and more tired that you really are: Think fine lines, wrinkles, discolouration, enlarged pores, roughness, saggy skin and dullness. 

Ultimate Miracle worker

In the new formula? Well first up is retinol — a powerful anti-ager that is scientifically proven to renew skin. This time the brand pairs pure retinol with a natural origin, retinol-like complex that is actually powered by an alfalfa extract — yes as in the sprouts — to work on all the signs of ageing from discolouration to lines. To combat the sometime drying effect of retinol, the formula also contains four 'superfood' oils: Pomegranate oil, argan oil, olive oil and Amazonian sacha inchi oil. This combination of potents oils ensures a deep nourishment and softening of the epidermal layer, so that you'll see improved texture in just four weeks. Easy does it with this gentle, yet effective treatment.

$109. At Sephora outlets