Quick lip: By Terry Rouge-Expert Click Stick

Quick lip: By Terry Rouge-Expert Click Stick

Lip service

Text: Renée Batchelor

With a soft, powdery matte finish and 25 luscious shades, By Terry Rouge Expert Click Stick is a great lipstick to own

You've heard of click liner and even concealers, but By Terry's new click stick takes things a step further. In a slim tube, no larger than a marker pen, each lippie has to be pressed at the base to 'release' more product. The teardrop shape of the creamy, balm-like lipstick may seem odd at first, but it's designed to intutively hug the curves of the lips. I was even able to apply the nude shade, Bare Me, sans a mirror, although it's better if you do so for darker colours. Sliced at an angle, the tip will give you a precise finish for perfect definition, while each click distributes the ideal amount of colour and texture. How's that for technology in a tube?

By Terry Click Stick
Another big plus is the texture and finish. While it feels completely hydrating on the lips — unlike a lot of the matte lipsticks and liquid lippies we've tried — it has a soft, velvety finish on the lips. Expect a similar look to when you've matted down a cream lipstick by blotting it or dusting over with translucent powder. We love the 25 sumptuous colours too. There is a wide variety from beiges, pinks and reds to deeper berries, but they never seem too theatrical or costume-y unlike the shock shades that we've seen from some other brands. What you get is a dose of French chic — think colours that are wearable, elegant and modern without being too staid or boring.

$47 each. At Escentials