What you can buy at Prada fragrances' largest pop-up in the world

What you can buy at Prada fragrances' largest pop-up in the world

I, robot

Text: Renée Batchelor

Head down to the Prada fragrance pop-up outside Robinsons The Heeren for a whiff of the brand's exquisite scents and a closer look at the iconic robots

The Prada robot has become a bit of an icon for the brand, making cute and memorable appearances on the brand's bags, rucksacks and keychains. Riffing off the idea, Prada fragrances has created a pop-up, glasshouse outside Robinsons The Heeren just in time for the festive season, and it happens to be the largest one the brand has done yet worldwide. The Prada robot features heavily with these characters adorning both the fragrance coffrets on sale, as well as in the decor of the store. You can pose with life-sized robots for a hot Instagram second, experience the virtual world of Prada using special VR goggles and even make paper robot origami dolls, alongside browsing the selection of Prada fragrances for both men and women. Prada pop-up at Robinsons The Heeren

If you're interested in purchasing fragrance gift sets, what better place to do so then at the pop-up. Not only is there a great selection of fragrance coffrets available, the robot outer packaging make these limited edition sets collectible.