Prada creates intense versions of its signature scents

Prada creates intense versions of its signature scents

A man and a woman

Text: Renée Batchelor

Trust Prada to get to the essence of femininity and masculinity in its latest scents

Are fragrances gendered? The house of Prada certainly seems to thinks so. Its La Femme and La Homme scents were borne out of olfactory investigations. "The starting point for La Femme Prada Intense and L’Homme Prada Intense was the idea of taking Prada’s longstanding obsession with gender and placing it under a magnifying glass of perfumery," says the brand. While it makes sense in theory, it boggles the mind how one might bottle a high concept into a tangible scent.

Ansel Elgort

Following the release of the original versions last year, with rising Hollywood stars Ansel Elgort (above), Dane DeHaan, and two Mias (Goth and Wasikowka) as the faces, Prada has now released, new, intense versions: La Femme Prada Intense and La Homme Prada Intense. For La Femme Prada Intense, expect a floral experience, that is sultry yet almost heady. You'll find intoxicating notes of ylang ylang and tuberose, as well as the addition of patchouli, for a lush and decadent bouquet that bears a touch of an Oriental scent. L’Homme Prada Intense meanwhile is a complex, multi-layered experience. Working on juxtapositions, expect notes that collide and converse to express the different facets of male identity. A trained nose whill catch whiffs of amber, patchouli, iris and tonka beans, swirling together in this airy, Oriental-ish scent. These elegant, chic compositions manage to reject the cliche of most fragrances, even if the brief sounds almost like an graduate thesis on gender in perfumery. And yes, because this is Prada after all, the bottles are unerringly cool. 

From $120-$266. At major department stores