The iPhone X version of this phone case with a secret makeup compartment is about to drop

The iPhone X version of this phone case with a secret makeup compartment is about to drop

Secret stash

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Pout Case

If you love your tech and your makeup equally, then the Pout Case is for you. Find out more about this nifty phone cover and why you need one in your life

The first thing we thought of when we spotted the Pout Case is that it reminded us a bit of the play makeup we had as a child: Think little secret compartments that slide out to reveal lip gloss, glitter and whatever it is little girls hankered after. The second thing that came to mind... "Why didn't we think of that?" The Pout Case is essentially the world's first iPhone makeup case, which comes with its own premium makeup that is formulated and developed in Germany.

Pout Case woman with makeup

Created by Nafissa Chodieva, the idea is that each case (which currently fits iPhones 6, 6s, 7 and 8 and is currently accepting pre-orders for the iPhone X) comes with a secret, compartment that slides out to reveal a customisable makeup palette. Perfect for the gal-on-the-go or anyone who doesn't like carrying too many things at once, this nifty invention makes touching up your makeup anywhere a breeze, plus it ensures you always have some face paint on you for emergencies. Says Chodieva, "It made sense in terms of makeup, to keep things simple and multi-functional, for when consistently on the go, you need to keep application quick and convenient without the need to always pull out a makeup bag, along with numerous brushes." 

When buying your Pout Case, start by choosing your own makeup options and the specific colours. Next, pick from tonnes of case colour combinations for a perfectly customisable product that is unique to your needs. The brand recently launched 20 new, makeup products and extensions — the current selection includes lipsticks, lip balms, foundation, concealer, highlighter and eyeshadows. Our recommendation? Get some concealer, a red lipstick and a highlighter so you can always look polished at a moment's notice. Also in the works for the brand are cases for the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus, as well as for the plus sizes of iPhones that happily can hold four makeup colours each. The current cases now fit just three makeup compartments along with a makeup brush, so while you have to be ultra-selective, it ensures each Pout Case remains sleek and easy to tote around.

From £7 per makeup item. From £15 per phone case. Available online at Pout Case