Why you should mask with Philosophy’s Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel

Why you should mask with Philosophy’s Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel

Detox and re-ox

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Philosophy is rolling out a new, two-step masking peel that literally breathes new life into your skin

'Speedy and efficacious' is the golden catchphrase when it comes to what Singaporean women want in skincare, and banking on these keywords is the new Philosophy Detoxifying Oxygen Peel that upgrades the masking routine. By cleverly combining purification with detoxification, the first two-step peel from the brand works double-time to eradicate impurities as well as to brighten the skin. One part detoxifying mask and another part re-oxygenating facial in the form of a foamy soufflé, the Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel delivers a double shot of oxygen and is an innovative mask-peel hybrid you need in your skincare arsenal. Here are three reasons why:

Philosophy Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel

Formulated with activated charcoal renowned for its ability to draw out and absorb pore-clogging impurities and dirt, the first step thoroughly detoxifies the skin without stripping moisture away. The peel also contains barley leaf extract that's rich in chlorophyll to deliver the first shot of oxygen to the skin, giving your face an energising and radiant boost. A secondary injection of fresh oxygen is infused into the skin with step two for an even more revitalised complexion.

The gel-textured charcoal mask goes on easily over clean, dry skin and in just a handful of seconds after application; the mask will have dried down enough to break out step two. Cutting out the need to rinse in-between steps, the foaming booster is spread in circular motions directly over the charcoal gel. At this point, the two steps will interact to activate the re-oxygenating process. And in all of three minutes — wherein you can load up a cat video or makeup tutorial — you're ready to scrape away the peel with the kit's exfoliating derma blade. Rinse away any remaining product and your new glow is good to go.

Dull and tired-looking skin is visibly transformed, and pores are completely decongested. Just one use will have your skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated, and three consecutive uses improve skin's clarity for a brighter and more radiant complexion. Keep at it regularly and in a month's time, you'll have skin that breathes, looks and feels so healthy, you'll wonder where this Philosophy detox and re-ox miracle has been all your life.

Philosophy Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel

The Philosophy Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel is available at all Sephora stores from August

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