Perk up tired, dull skin with this overnight mask

Perk up tired, dull skin with this overnight mask

Sleep shine

Text: Renée Batchelor

Skin looking worse for wear from late night parties and all-nighters at the office? You need this Sulwhasoo mask in your arsenal

Jade has always been pretty popular in Asia. But using the precious stone for purposes other than chunky, traditional jewellery is not as widely spread. Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo ups the ante with its new Radiance Energy Mask, an overnight sleeping mask designed to purify the skin with the energy of White Jade. Sulwhasoo — thanks to years of research — has discovered a way to encase the white jade powder into porous capsules that can deliver the ingredient deep into the skin. 

White Jade,  is one of the rarest form of jades that is known in traditional medical literature and has not only skin-purifying effects but health benefits. When used in the mask it purifies the skin during the night, by enhancing the skin's barrier strength and removing any toxins that have accumulated during the day. Each mask also comes with a specially-designed spatula that can be used before application to massage the face — with the pointy end being suitable for accupressure massage. This will help the to circulate energy and blood around the face and neck area, and help the mask work even better, for glowing, radiant and energised skin.

$102. At Sulwhasoo counters and stores now