Penhaligon’s charming new Portrait scents make the senses soar

Penhaligon’s charming new Portrait scents make the senses soar

Birds of a feather

Text: Emily Heng

International Women's Day may be done and dusted, but there's no doubting the spirit of female empowerment that lives on in the feminist flicks, runway shows and nail art trends occurring as of late. In fact, it seems the movement only continues to gain traction, with fragrance houses getting in on the action.

See: the latest additions to Penhaligon's Potraits Collection, The Ingénue Cousin Flora and the Impudent Cousin Matthew. Rather than waiting for a man — i.e. Father Christmas — to determine your official naughty/nice status, you can now determine it yourself by spritzing on either one of these feathered fiends.


Naughty: The Ingénue Cousin Flora. Far from innocent, this scent is a play on contradictions. Housed in a glass flacon and bearing a dainty bird stopper, it contains a vociferous citrus cocktail reminiscent of a rule-breaking youth. 


Nice: The Impudent Cousin Matthew. Don't let its name confuse you — this sparkling and vibrant Mandarin mingles with rich patchouli for a scent that emanates easy-going confidence, rather than impudence. This is a woody, citrus scent the brand claims to be the definition of modern refinement, with an amiable mallard serving as the bottle's stopper.

Penhaligon's The Ingénue Cousin Flora and The Impudent Cousin Matthew is available at all Penhaligon's boutiques.