Penhaligon's limited edition trio will take you through London's regal history

Penhaligon's limited edition trio will take you through London's regal history

In blue blood

Text: Rachel Ng

A unique blend of scents that captures the air of London's most refined districts

Rich in regal history is royal-warranted Penhaligon's, the English perfume house which almost, quite literally, exudes the air of aristocracy. With every scent narrating a piece of Britain’s sophisticated charm, it is only fitting that this blue-blooded perfumery’s first-ever limited edition fragrance collection is inspired by three of London’s most emblematic areas – Marylebone, Kensington and Belgravia. Hidden London, they call it.

Marylebone Wood is an artful combination of dry smokey sandalwood, a mossy vetiver and creamy warm patchouli. The result? A woody fragrance with a touch of sensual modernity that will take you down the winding lanes of Geogian brick houses and Sherlock Holmes’ abode into present-day café society woven in amongst clubs.

Penhaligon, hidden London, fragrance, limited edition, Marylebone wood

If there had to be a scent epitomising the royals, it would be Kensington Amber, and rightfully so. Inspired by the district that is home to some of London’s richest historic monuments, the warmth of cinnamon and comforting vanilla is a reminiscence of the refinement which exudes from Kensington Palace to the Victoria and Albert Museum. A harmonious blend of cinnamon, tonka beans and vanilla work to create this warm and exotic scent.

Penhaligon, hidden London, fragrance, limited edition, Kensington Amber 

Belgravia Chypre is a sophisticated scent that captures the refined affluence of London’s most fashionable residential districts. Let its richness cruise you along the grand terraces of cream stucco houses which line Buckingham Palace, a fitting explanation for the modern emergence of antique shops and Michelin-starred restaurants. Made with bergamont, oak moss and patchouli, expected the unexpected inflection of raspberry, pink pepper and rose — a sophistication of opulence.

 Penhaligon, hidden London, fragrance, limited edition, Belgravia Chypre

The Hidden London collection is available at the Penhaligon's boutiques, $300 each

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