Paul & Joe Beaute returns to Singapore… for a little while, at least

Paul & Joe Beaute returns to Singapore… for a little while, at least

Come back

Text: Emily Heng

Try as we might, there's no getting over the departure of beloved beauty brands from our sunny shores. The list as follows: CoverGirl, Ettusais, and the recent Crabtree & Evelyn — all of which has left us deep in mourning and in fervent search for e-commerce options.

And while their return is about as likely as a Destiny's Child reunion (translation: don't hold your breath), it appears that there is hope in the horizon just yet. Making a comeback this March? Paul and Joe Beaute, a.k.a. the Japanese beauty label that made waves for their hydrating formulas and highly irresistible packaging.


Located at Isetan Scotts, the new pop-up shop also welcomes two other big-name Japanese brands: Albion and Les Merveilluses Ladurée. Considering how both labels already have standalone stores in Singapore, though, we wouldn't fret too much on availability.

Instead, focus on scooping up Paul & Joe goodies before the the shutters come down in September 2019. Warning: hesitation can and will warrant intense feelings of regret, so act quick or forever hold your peace.

The Paul & Joe Beaute pop-up is located at Isetan Scotts Level 1.

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