Pat McGrath's new matte lipsticks are the bomb

Pat McGrath's new matte lipsticks are the bomb

Lust, caution

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram: @patmcgrathreal

If you lust after the best lipsticks, Pat McGrath Labs new matte versions are must-haves

Pat McGrath Labs has something brewing this July and it's a collection of lipsticks aptly named Lust:Matt Trance. The brand describes these babies as being colour that offers "supreme hydration and opulent matte opacity." And really isn't that all a girl really wants from her lippie? The 12 shades reportedly offer a lush, rich pigment that covers the lips in a lightweight veil of colour. Thus far the star makeup artist's website showcases nine sumptuous colours. Standouts for us are the shades Obsessed — a rich, luminous orange-red that works on all skin tones — and Deep Void, a dark black-ish plum that is the last word in noir. Currently the website offers three choices: Buy them as singles, as trios (there are three different combinations) and as the ultimate splurge, as part of the Everything Kit, which contains all 12 colours.


Another great piece of news? The brand ships internationally, which means it's an equal opportunity buy for lipstick junkies and makeup mavens. But while you're busy making your decision about which shades to get, we have to draw your attention to another perk: The gorgeous packaging. Each shade comes in a slim, black and gold bullet with a gold lip detailing in the front for that added touch of luxe so you can feel like a silver screen siren even if you're just touching up in less glamorous surroundings like your office cubicle. Preview the shades below.


From US$38 each. Available for pre-order on Pat McGrath Labs from 13 July 2017