Paper scented diffusers are the housewarming gifts homeowners actually want

Paper scented diffusers are the housewarming gifts homeowners actually want

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Text: Sinead Lee

Editor: Jolene Khor

There's no cause for celebration quite like settling into a new abode, just as there's no faster way to blow your food and booze budget than entertaining a few (high SES) friends at your housewarming party. This dilemma often extends to guests, who feel similar pressure to impress. The next time you're invited to your homegirl's fresh crashpad, playing it safe where gifting is concerned is an inclination as natural as a bottle of bordeaux. Cue the indecisiveness: Is a bouquet of flowers too boring or too perfect? Are frozen hor d'oeuvres acceptable if you're a terrible cook (and maybe a bit of a terrible friend for forgetting the potluck memo)?

Our suggestion: mask the smell of your BS excuse with fabulous paper scented diffusers from Goutal Paris' Home Collection.

Scents Une Forêt D'Or (lemon) and Un Air D'Hadrien (orange), outfitted with origami folds and printed pleats, share the same modus operandi  to diffuse fragrances from an essential oil, delivering aromatherapy on the plenty which has the potential to ease frazzling headaches, stress, and possibly broken hearts.

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As part of its home collection, Goutal Paris is also shelving four new exclusive scented candles in their flammables arsenal, prettied up by Spanish designer Tomás Alonso who is known for his expressive work through the use of colour. The scents include lemon, orange, sandalwood and blackcurrant, each a rich decorative and olfactory addition to any modern home.

Goutal Paris' Home Collection will retail at escentials Paragon, Tangs Plaza, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Tangs Vivo City and online.