We're loving the nail looks in YSL's urban twist on summer beauty

We're loving the nail looks in YSL's urban twist on summer beauty

See you later, skater

Text: Renée Batchelor

After seeing what Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has on offer, we're heading to our manicurists pronto. And can we please look like Zoë Kravitz too?

When it comes to summer beauty certain things are a given. Shades of aqua and blue, summery nail looks and lighter lip stains kind of rule the hotter months. But Yves Saint Laurent Beauté (YSL) takes things in the opposite direction with an urban-inspired collection featuring actress Zoë Kravitz as the face. Her attire of white singlet, ratty sneakers and her long, platinum braids are the first indication this is not your usual summer beauty spiel. Furthermore, the campaign and products were shot in an abandoned pool, so it's all about the skater girl life (board optional) as opposed to beach chic.

Forget summer daze... it's more like a summer haze, with rich, red lip colours and gritty, street-influenced eyeshadow shades on offer. And can we talk about the nail looks — because we want them all? First up, mixing the brand's limited shades of La Laque Couture in Red Anarchy and Clandestine Silver by applying one shade on each hand is kind of an unexpected stroke of genius. And painting just half the nail on selected fingers is a great way to give a solid manicure some breathing space.

YSL summer 2018 nail look

The other nail look that is featured is a clever play on negative space featuring the same limited, silver shade as well as the versatile 'It' shade, Gris Grafitti which has a beautiful grey-blue undertone we can't quite pin down. How sweet and trés chic is this manicure (below). The other products in the collection include a Couture Palette Collector with cool shades like silver, blue-greys and a turquoise as well as a grey-tinged mascara called Anthracite. For the lips, the brand eschews the usual bright and sunny shades for eye-catching reds. The Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in Forbidden Red, a sexy burgundy, has an airy texture and velvety finish that's perfect for blending on the cheeks and lips. Or you can go for bold with the Rouge Volupté Shine in Red in the Light and Red in the Dark. As their names imply one is a brighter scarlet, while the other a delicious burgundy that Kravitz is sporting, that will work well into the fall season. 

Nail look YSL summer 2018

From $38 to $105. Available at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté counters