Our lips are sealed with Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's new innovations

Our lips are sealed with Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's new innovations

Lip locked

Text: Renée Batchelor

Want to create the ultimate lipstick look whether it's a leather matte or strobe effect? Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's mini lip wardrobe has got you covered

We know you already have lipstick in your makeup bag. Maybe you have ten of the same nude shade in each of your handbags and purses, or maybe you have three barely-used tubes of Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks sitting on your dresser. So why would you need another lip product in your stash? Well, a woman can never have too many lipsticks, darling. If you have tonnes of cream or shiny shades but long to try on the still-trending matte look, hold up before splashing out for brand new lippies. Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has a Rouge Pur Couture Set and Matte Lip Coat. This transparent tube transforms any lipstick into a matte texture, and best of all it sets it in place so it doesn't budge all day. All you need to know is that it is limited edition, so you may want to stock up on more than one piece of this revolutionary lipstick locker.

But if you're the kind that loves splurging on various lipsticks, you'll love the new Rouge Pur The Mats in leather-matte shades. They're named for their lip-hugging precision, much in the same vein that a skintight pair of leather pants hugs your body so closely, you might need baby powder to remove it. There are six colours to choose from, ranging from crisp reds to bright corals, plus a seventh, additional shocking shade, Minimal Black. And yes, you can use this colour beyond Halloween, to lend an edgy vibe to your crushed velvet and dark floral dresses that will be trending this fall/winter and during the Christmas season.
Dessin Des Lèvres

Last of all, the brand elevates the humble lip pencil to something beyond it's utilitarian origins. The Dessin Des Lèvres comes in 12 shades to match the colours in the Rouge Pur Couture range, but unlike the ordinary lip pencil, they are designed to be used in a variety of ways. Use a matching shade to act as a primer and set your lipstick so it lasts through the day, a darker or contrasting hue to create a highlighting or strobing effect on your lip, or simply use the blurring blender on the other end to create hyper-modern, soft lip colour that is set to be the next, big trend in 2018. Consider yourself amply warned.

From $35-$51. At Yves Saint Laurent Beauté stores and counters from 15 Nov