In tune: Origins Three Part Harmony skincare range

Thrice as good

In tune: Origins Three Part Harmony skincare range
Want a complete solution to anti-ageing? Origins' new range addresses wrinkles, dehydration and a loss of firmness

The modern woman has many needs when it comes to her skincare. What she doesn't have is a lot of time to apply multiple products for different concerns. Origins new Three Part Harmony range is so named, as it boosts firmness and luminosity while having an anti-wrinkle effect. The Nourishing Cream and Oil-Infused Serum — the first products to kickstart the range — also have hydrating effects, rounding off pretty much all the factors needed for healthy, youthful-looking skin.

To create the line, Origins searched for a key ingredient and found it in the white narcissus lily bulb that grows in the soils of the Eastern Mediterranean. Using the plant's youth-renewing technology, this ingredients reawakens skin cells and blocks signals that inhibits youthful cell function. Other ingredients in this anti-ageing cocktail include vitamin C and liquorice leaf to soften lines and hydrate the skin, and scuttellaria root and apple extract to restore luminosity. 

$123 each. At Origins counters and stores

Text: Renée Batchelor

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