Old meets new: Learn all about skincare brand The history of Whoo

Old meets new: Learn all about skincare brand The history of Whoo

Traditional luxury

Text: Renée Batchelor

Commisioned by the government to preserve Korea's rich, traditional recipes, the skincare brand draws on thousands of years of beauty secrets to keep you looking youthful

Everything old is new again. And that certainly rings true for The history of Whoo. Although the brand is relatively young — it was started  in 2003 by LG Household and Healthcare after the Korean government tasked LG to develop a national, luxury skincare brand — the skincare recipes are steeped in tradition.

And the brand has done well enough to expand within the region to countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong. Perhaps it's the combination of potent herbal recipes and intricate packaging that has struck a chord with the luxury skincare crowd. It has even gained a following among Singapore-based women who are known to stock up on it in Korea.

Bi Chup Ja Saeng Essence

And how accurate are the formulas that the brand creates? Think of them as reinterpretations of beauty remedies from the Eastern Royal Courts that were previously reserved for royalty — but with strong technological improvements added to the mix. Using patented and signature herbal complexes — such as their signature gongjinbidan complex that combine herbs like angelica roots, cornelian cheries and asparagus roots — the products increase energy flow to the skin, and balance out the body's yin and yang energy.

Even if you're not a believer in traditional Eastern medicinal principles, a look at the flawless complexions of thousands of Korean women (including the brand's spokesperson actress Lee Young Ae, above) will pique your interest. Not sure where to start? Try the brand's best-seller the Bi Chup Ja Saeng Essence that helps boost cell turnover and the efficacy of subsequent products. Do note that quality comes at a price...though the full details are not available yet, some products are expected to run up to $500.

The history of Whoo counter opens in Tangs Orchard in July.