Not just another pill: IOMA Collagen Renew

Not just another pill: IOMA Collagen Renew

Bounce back

Text: Andrea Sim

Using the same technology employed in NASA’s Mars expedition in 2012, this skin-boosting pill is the real deal

The age-old question — red pill or blue pill?  has finally been answered. Go for purple. Don't be fooled by its innocuous look; this skincare supplement is truly power-packed. Science-based brand IOMA Paris boasts some of the most cutting-edge developments in skincare. From bepoke day and night creams to providing customers with a concrete analysis of their skin condition at their counters, the brand is all about customised solutions and measurable, observable results. "With IOMA, there is a before and after," says CEO Jean-Michel Karam. The high level of accountability attests to the brand's belief in its product.

A decade of research has gone into its brand new Collagen Renew pills. The pills are formulated to target collagen loss in the dermis — the deep layers of the skin — and reduce up to 25 percent of wrinkles. Skincare may not be a numbers game to the average consumer, but in this case, the figures add up.

$160 for a box of 105 pills that lasts five weeks. Available at Ioma counters from mid-June