Nina Ricci gets cheeky with these cute little creatures

Nina Ricci gets cheeky with these cute little creatures

Monsters' ball

Text: Renée Batchelor

The house of Nina Ricci creates two fragrances that brings new meaning to the words creature comforts

Monsters are having a moments. From Burberry Beasts to the Niark1's creations for Bugaboo, these crazy critters are everywhere. But we didn't expect that they would be invading the elegant Parisian house of Nina Ricci as well, as they do with the new Les Monstres de Nina Ricci scents. For their new fragrances, the brand worked with Brazilian artists Ana Strumpf and Guto Requena to create crazy cute bottles. In candied shades of purple-pink and red-orange, the bottles come with adorably quirky animal faces and a glorious pom pom embellishment. The new editions also come with delightful juices. Nina Monsters is a sparkling pear sweetened with candy floss while Luna Blossom is a mochi blended with orange blossom.
Nina Ricci lip pencils
Also new is the Les Baisers de Nina Ricci, a collection of lipsticks in four, juicy shades — red, coral, pink and fuchsia. At $21 a pop, these ultra-afforable lippie crayons are super easy to apply and come in the the cutest designs from the aforementioned designers. Using motifs associated with the enchanted forest, each stick is decorated with snakes, flowers, stars and mushrooms, that refect the fun, lively vibes of the artists and are collectibles in their own right. Check out the bottles in action inthe video below.


$21 for the lip crayons. $110 for the fragrances. Available from March at selected Sasa outlets.