Join NikkieTutorials in her fight against makeup shaming


Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram: @nikkietutorials

Is there such a thing as too much makeup? NikkieTutorials doesn't think so which is why she's working with beauty app Meitu to put an end to makeup shaming

Love makeup? So do we. Think there's a thing as too much makeup? Hang on there. That sounds like just another unfair standard that women are being judged on. Dutch makeup maestro NikkiTutorials who has 6.6 million YouTube subscribers and 7.2 million Instagram followers thinks there's no place for makeup shaming in this brave, new digital age. She's teamed up with Meitu — yes the people responsible for developing that beauty app — to launch three makeup looks. If you're not familiar with NikkieTutorials, she is famous for her half-face makeup tutorial that first brought awareness to the concept of makeup shaming. See her original video below, The Power of Makeup, which garnered over 34 million views. 

Following in The Power Of Makeup's footsteps, three half-face makeup looks will be reignited as part of her virtual makeup collection. If you're keen to suppport this campaign, download MakeupPlus, apply your favourite #SHEunites virtual makeup filter on your own face and hashtag #SHEunites. This campaign will benefit The Peacemakers Network, which was initiated by the United Nations. The Network believes that women play a big role in building a flourishing and peaceful society, but that often their work goes unrecognised — a concept that Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus also highlighted in his concept of microfinance in Bangladesh. The #SHEunites campaign aims to support this work by women by providing a digital platform to share their inspiring stories and raise funds for the Network so that they can commission trainings, workshops, and support local networks for women around the world. "As the world's leading beauty app developer used by millions of women and men across the globe, we strive to support women's empowerment causes worldwide," said Frank Fu, managing director of Meitu's global operations. "We're so excited to team up with the Peacemakers Network and NikkieTutorials to support this cause through our digital platform and provide a fun, new way to engage supporters." The app is free to download and besides supporting the campaign, you can give yourself a full makeover — think freckles, glitter or whatever your makeup-loving heart desires.

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