This night oil has the goodness of a serum

This night oil has the goodness of a serum

The night king

Text: Renée Batchelor

Skin Inc's latest innovation is a dual-layered night oil and serum that in infused with natural goodness

The scene is the Palm Avenue Float Club, in Kampong Bugis, where we are being treated to a 45-minute floatation session thanks to Skin Inc. The reason? The customisable skincare specialist is introducing a new Serum-Infused Night Oil and they want us to try it on our faces and then unwind and relax in the almost futuristic, white, floatation pods. It's certainly a novel idea — and the growing skincare brand that originated in Singapore is never short of new and exciting ways to do things.

The new Night Oil comes in its signature dropper bottles, but this time inside is a two-phased liquid that is clear on the top and a very now, hot pink at the bottom. We've been told that there are no colourants and fragrances added to this oil — it gets it colour naturally from the vitamin B12 that's one of its ingredients. Also among the ingredients are lavender, Japanese yuzu seed and olive oil that also give it a natural, but not overwhelming scent. To apply, shake the two phases well, place a drop onto the palms, rub and then gently press onto the skin. 
Skin Inc Serum-Infused Night Oil, $98

Unlike some of the super lightweight oils that we've tried before, this one is quite nourishing on the skin. It still sinks in effortlessly when patted on, but we would advise using a small amount first if you're not used to oils. The Serum-Infused Night Oil has been specially formulated with two phases by Skin Inc, in order to deliver water-soluble and lipid-soluble active ingredients to targeted areas of the skin that need them the most. It can also target both dry and dehydrated skin — while dry skin is a skin type, dehydration is a condition that anyone can experience at any points. According to the brand, dry skin naturally has a lack of oil or lipids, while dehydrated skin has a lack of water in the stratum corneum. Both require  the perfect balance of both oil and water, respectively, in order to address the needs of the outer and inner layers of the skin. This two-phased serum oil solves both problems well. In the lipophilic phase is the trio of oils mentioned earlier, while the hydrophilic phase contains a potent blend of vitamins — A, B12, C and E — and key amino acids.

After using the oil — and floating in the pod — we certainly felt more relaxed, while our dry skin looked plumped-up and hydrated. Overnight, the oil is great if you sleep in air-conditioning and want something that smells relaxing but not too obtrusive. Being Skin Inc, you can also customise this in a variety of ways. Add it into your serums as a moisture booster or use it with your Skin Inc masks for an even greater effect on your complexion. 

$98. Available now at Skin Inc stores and online