Nicole Kidman is the perfect reason to take your vitamins

Nicole Kidman is the perfect reason to take your vitamins

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Text: Renée Batchelor

The age-defying Aussie actress has another trick up her sleeve. She's now the international face of Swisse vitamins and supplements

Against our better judgment, we've become fans of Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman. Tall, poised and with preternaturally good skin, she may seem icy onscreen, but having interviewed her before, we can attest that she's pretty warm in real life. Plus, let's talk about that skin again. Kidman may have her naysayers, but her delicate, porcelain complexion is dazzling up close.

Currently performing on the West End as scientist Rosalind Franklin in the play Photograph 51, she can also be admired for her stamina, tenacity and excellent artistic choices. After all who can deny the strength and power of her performances in films like The Others and Moulin Rouge. But having a busy lifestyle — she's also mother to two young daughters with her husband Keith Urban — must take its toll. It can't be easy carrying a play for 12 weeks, day in day out, or being a part of big Hollywood productions like the upcoming Secret in their Eyes with Julia Roberts.

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It makes perfect sense then that Kidman is an ambassadress for Swisse. The Australian vitamin and supplement brand is huge in its native country — and are banking on countryman Kidman to help spread the word about their high-quality products, including their Omega-3 line. Says Kidman, "I joined Swisse because I wanted to help raise awareness of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle in a busy, often stressful world. I love feeling healthy and fit. They are wonderful attributes of the Australian way of life — and I am a very proud Australian."

For those discerning about the source and potency of their vitamins and supplements, rest assured that Swisse uses premium ingredients, such as sustainably-sourced wild fish. The Buro team has been known to pop their Immunity range when stress levels are high, and now that we know Kidman has been taking these babies — we're going to give them a try, in the hopes of having skin as radiant and glowing as hers.