New nude eyeshadow palettes to spend your coin on: Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, and more

New nude eyeshadow palettes to spend your coin on: Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, and more

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Text: Emily Heng

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If there's anything we learnt in our long-term relationship with all things makeup, it is that certain styles are simply built to last. Bearing close-to-universal-appeal with its ability to suit a wide variety of faces, these classics remain to be a mainstay of the beauty industry. To name a few: foundations that give the illusion of smooth, clear complexions, red lippies, and, of course, nude eyeshadows.


The latter may be taking a backseat as of late with burgundy and corals taking lead roles in our arsenal, but we suspect they're just biding their time until they're ready to catapult back into the spotlight again. In the mean time, here are the latest in nude eyeshadow offerings that have us sidelining neon bright hues for. Because we can't bear to wear OTT makeup looks every day...

Chanel Les Beiges Natural Eyeshadow Palette
Claiming to be an indispensable palette to all makeup junkies out there, this bad boy comes equipped with nine neutral shades slated to work for every skin tone. Think rosy beige, matte khaki and raw cocoa that glide onto lids and stay on for hours on end. Add to cart.



Charlotte Tilbury Dreamgasm Palette
Already causing palpable buzz despite its May release date, this palette is certainly one to consider if you're looking to own a set of highly-wearable pigmented shimmery neutrals. Housed in luxe rose-gold packaging, its compact size — and assortment of versatile shades — also makes for a stellar travel companion.

Nars Skin Deep Eyeshadow Palette

Bearing six rich matte shades, five shimmers, and a single metallic hue, the Nars Skin Deep Eyeshadow Palette provides 12 natural shadows that lets you go from subtle to smoky with a swipe (and blend) of the brush. This multi-purpose powerhouse can also be used to define and highlight areas such the brow bones and cheeks. Our only gripe with it is that its closure is so secure and tight, it chipped our nail polish. A fluke? Fingers crossed.



M.A.C Art Library: Nude Model Palette
M.A.C Cosmetics's latest offering comprises 12 intensely pigmented neutrals that blend like a dream. Expect fan-favourite hues such as Shroom and newcomers such as Tetatint — all of which come in a variety of matte, satin and frosted finishes.


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