Nars has the cheekiest name for its new mascara

Nars has the cheekiest name for its new mascara

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Text: Renée Batchelor

You've heard about Nars' infamous Orgasm blush, one of the cult beauty products of the decade. Now, the brand has a new mascara with a name that will also raise eyebrows

We love a cheekily named beauty product. After all, although it's hard work sometimes, beautifying yourself is a privilege and should be a fun process. Nars has always been cutting edge with everything from their fashion-forward collaborations to their product offerings. The brand introduces a new mascara this fall that promises to be a game changer. Its name? Climax. 

The new mascara not only looks bold and striking — we love the out-there red packaging — it has the formula and applicator to back it. The mascara gives lashes "maximum volume and lift in a lightweight whipped formula." The Climax Mascara can also be built layer by layer without clumping, smudging or weighing down lashes — good news for those whose lashes droop with heavy formulas. It also doesn't give you stiff and fake looking lashes thanks to a flexible formula. As for the brush, it's a custom designed one exclusive to Nars that is full-bodied with ribbed bristles to capture and coat every last, tiny lash. Can you replace your falsies and individual lash extensions with this? We haven't tried it yet, but we are hoping so. The mascara comes in one shade, Explicit Black. Find out more from François Nars on the new mascara.

Nars Climax Mascara

Climax is yet another bold name from Nars, can you tell us how you chose the name?
Product names have always been important to me, great product names allow women to identify with the product. I want the name to be memorable and to tell a story. Climax is similar to Orgasm, it's a fun play on the pleasures of life, not necessarily a sexual connotation. When I think of Climax, I think about the highs of life, those great moments you'll always remember. 

As a makeup artist, what do you look for in a mascara?
I like mascara that can hold throughout the day, one that doesn't bleed or smudge, isn't drying, and doesn't flake. A mascara should make your lashes as long as possible, that's very important. It should thicken and lengthen your natural lashes. With Climax, we tested all of this and I challenged the chemists to reinvent and reimagine our mascara. I wanted it to be the perfect formulation. With only two coats of Climax, your eyelashes are perfected. But with this, you can also continue to build without having to worry about flaking or weighing the lashes down.

How important are the eyelashes in an overall beauty look?
The eyes are such an important feature of the face which make them important for makeup. I sometimes prefer eyes over lips because of the emotion they can express, they are the window to the soul.

And, of course, mascara can complete any makeup look. It immediately opens the eyes and adds glamour and sophistication. To me, mascara is also the least intimidating. For young women around the world, it's one of the first products they purchase and apply. Even if you don't wear any eyeshadow or eyeliner, if you apply mascara, you suddenly look polished and put together. 

What is your favorite mascara look — soft natural lashes or dark and dramatic?
This depends on your mood and the moment. Sometimes heavy mascara looks great, dramatic is good, but it depends on the look you are trying to achieve.  I think in the morning when you are going to work, you can have a lighter touch. The beauty of mascara is that it's buildable. You can take your look from day to night by just adding a few extra coats of mascara. This formula is perfect for that, it doesn't flake or look cakey, and reapplying throughout the day just amplifies the eyes. But, again, mascara is one of those products that you can always build upon. 

$42. Available from 1 September