Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc is a symphony for the senses

Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc is a symphony for the senses

Play by ear

Text: Emily Heng

Editor: Jolene Khor

Choosing a favourite fragrance for everyday wear reminds us of the perennial first date question: what's your favourite song? Committing to one track to listen to for the rest of our lives while omitting all others is hard; deliberation often requires serious mental gymnastics. More often than not, your forever song is one you can listen to on loop without feeling like it's Groundhog Day. It's a highly addictive tune that speaks to you no matter the mood you're in, a tune that will never get old, earning its status as an undisputed classic over the years.

Gems of that nature are few and far between, whether it's a song or a scent at stake. Most fragrances' relationship with the vanity is one of touch-and-go, destined to never return for an encore. The same sprays feel stale after a short time (read: we get bored) especially since we're believers of the mantra, 'life is too short to smell the same way twice'. There are exceptions however, and we found one in the name of Pure Musc, Narciso Rodriguez's latest fragrance.


A timeless fragrance comprising classic ingredients such as white florals and cashmeran, Pure Musc delivers on a versatile scent that draws you in and holds your desires captive. Worn on its own, it inspires hypnotism, an endless addiction that will have heads (and noses) turning.

For a unique expression, personalisation through layering of scents is encouraged. When stacked with other wins from Narciso Rodriguez’s For Her line, Pure Musc takes on another face. Its meeting with For Her eau de parfum for instance, is intoxicating — concocted to capture and mesmerise. Spritz it with the For Her eau de toilette for provocation, while the combination of Pure Musc and For Her Fleur Musc trails with spice and vibrancy. 

Its fluidity is also reflected in the packaging; the minimalist black and white design stands tall against the test of time.


A symphony for the senses? Most definitely. Snap up this olfactory melody here.

Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc will be available exclusively at Metro Paragon from 26 April to 2 May, and all major department stores from 3 May. At $106 for 30ml, $161 for 50ml and $207 for 100ml.