Narciso helps you play the seduction game with its new scent

Narciso helps you play the seduction game with its new scent

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Text: Megan Koh

In a tantalising smell made anew, Narciso Eau de Parfum Rouge is a treat for the cool woman

Air heavy with allure but also light with possibility. Women are attracted to the play of push and pull. A thrill begging to be experienced, seduction is infectious especially in the world of perfumery. Narciso Rodriguez introduces the bewitching, new concoction, Narciso Eau de Parfum Rouge saying, "With this new chapter, I wanted to elevate the seductive nature of the original Narciso. Eau de Parfum Rouge is not only sexy, it arouses passion." Holding true to this vision, the new fragrance tempts with a promise of absolute allure. Exalted with fresh ambition, the perfume is rough with seduction tendered in confidence. An untamed vitality unravels into a playful, captivating moo. Founded in the signature heart of musk, the life of Bulgarian rose and iris is a blooming chorus steeped into the timeless woody base of tonka, vetiver, black and white cedar.

Narciso collection muse
Sized into a simple transparent cube fiery with an enclosed scarlet, the fragrance aligns with its red hue to symbolise love, temptation and ardour. Colours are elemental to the line, with each carefully considered to introduce the perfumed personalities. Remembering the luring blush of Eau de Parfum Poudrée, the Delphic black of Eau de Toilette, and the misty stone-white of the original Eau de parfum, Narciso Eau de Parfum arrives in a magnetic red, that is vivid and riveting.
Raquel Zimmermann.

Rodriguez adds, "The new fragrance has a heightened sensuality. There's a deliberate new spirit that's bold and intoxicating." Personifying the fragrance is Brazilian model Raquel Zimmermann. Lending her face to the Narciso collection muse, the series celebrates the dualistic nature of femininity. The campiagn image has Zimmermann holding us in an electrifying gaze, commanding desire but awaiting attention, much like the scent.

From $103 to $184. Available at department stores from August 2018

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