Beauty rescue team: Why you need this City Skin duo from Murad to combat blue light UV ageing

Beauty rescue team: Why you need this City Skin duo from Murad to combat blue light UV ageing

Environmental shields up

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Ward off the signs of ultraviolet ageing caused by electronic blue light with Murad’s new City Skin series

Think the sun is all you need to shield your skin against when it comes to UV ageing? Get ready to be mind-blown because your smartphone is another key culprit. You got it, the more attached we are to our digital devices; the faster we're getting there to wrinkleland. In an educational beauty session by Murad, us beauty journos were given the research facts, and that was the discovery that light emitted by modern electronics accelerates visible signs of ageing — on top of existing daily aggressors such as environmental pollution and free radicals. In fact, four days of facetime with your computer rack up UV damage equivalent to 20 minutes in the afternoon sun (yikes).

Besides making you look older, long-term exposure to blue light also results in disruption to your sleep patterns, which lead to insomnia and impaired memory, and studies have even linked blue light to hormonal deficiencies and weakened immune systems. Talk about alarming and depressing. And if you think, "oh, I'll just cut down on my latergrams", sources of blue light emission include the seemingly innocuous microwave, so best give the magic box a wide berth the next time you pop your leftovers in for a whirl.

Murad City Skin collection

But before you seriously consider relocating to the Himalayas, pop Murad's new City Skin series into your skincare regime because this dynamic duo is exactly what the dermatologist ordered. Specifically formulated to block out blue light, the first product is the Overnight Detox Moisturizer that works to purge the pollutants your skin has accumulated over the course of the day while you sleep. Chock-full of super-charged antioxidants derived from marrubium plant stem cells, which neutralise the pollutants and strengthen the skin barrier, the cream is also boosted with a botanical blend made from sunflower, cucumber and barley to reverse pollution-related dehydration, restore youthful texture, and smooth lines and wrinkles.

Murad City Skin collection

Step two is your daytime protection with the City Skin Age Defense sunscreen. It's so comprehensively anti-UV, there are four pluses tacked on after the SPF 50 print. This 100 per cent mineral sunscreen is multi-active, formulated with lutein and iron oxides to prevent blue light and infrared radiation penetrating the skin. One layer before you step out the door also shields you from carbon particles, heavy metals and chemical pollutants thanks to its polymer matrix, which acts like a breathable protective layer to prevent these aggressors from sticking to your skin. Sounds like the much-needed beauty rescue team for your complexion? Time to start your digital detox, peeps.

The City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer and City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++ will be available from 31 August at the Murad counter at Robinsons the Heeren and all Sephoras