Memo's latest scent is inspired by a Texan desert

Memo's latest scent is inspired by a Texan desert

A Marfa moment

Text: Renée Batchelor

For the debut scent of its new Art Land collection, boutique fragrance house Memo turns to a little-known Texan spot

We've always been a fan of Memo fragrances, with the brand's Siwa scent from its Les Echapeés collection being our current perfume de jour. So we were excited that the brand is launching a fourth range — dubbed Art Land — this year.  According to the brand, this new collection is "Taking its point of departure not from the beauty or mystery of a destination or an ingredient, but from the aura of an artistic practice tied to the land, nature and its resonance, the world of Memo continues to unfold." Named after an artistic practice in the US in the late sixties, Art Land is a style which turns landscapes into an open air museum.

Marfa. Texas

Marfa, the first scent is named after an area at the junction of Routes 90 and 67 — three hours away from the nearest Texan airport. It was also reportedly an area named after the heroine of a Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel or one from a Jules Verne novel — starting the allure of its literary (and artistic) roots. Later on, the seminal Hollywood film Giant, James Dean's last film was filmed there. It was only later that Marfa later became an artistic destination, with flower sculptures of all materials and colours dotting the landscape. The land so bewitched Memo founder and creator Clara Molly, that she worked with nose Alienor Massenet to capture the essence and magic of the sun, sand and desert sky, as well as the the flower sculptures at night. The result is an intoxicating blend of three key notes: orange blossom absolute, tuberose absolute and white musk, with touches of ylang ylang and vanilla. The flaçon — a decidedly graphic one with multiple eyes embellishing the bottle — is also eye-catching in the best, possible way. This is one scent that we're dying to add to our collection.


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