5 makeup goodies to max out on from Max Factor

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5 makeup goodies to max out on from Max Factor
The grandfather of makeup now retails on our shores (like, finally), and here’s a shortlist of what to grab from this solid drugstore brand

We'll come right out and admit that drugstore makeup has a special place in our hearts, despite having access to some awesome topshelf products in our line of work. After all, that was the makeup stepping stone that launched our life-long obsession, plus drugstore beauty has really stepped up its game in recent years. But before all your L'Oréals, Maybellines and Covergirls hit the shelves, Max Factor was the mainstream name in makeup going back all the way to the '20s. Its founder was a Polish beautician who started formulating greasepaint — the 'ye olde name for makeup — for the silent film stars of the day, and everything else just snowballed from there.

Max Factor Singapore launch

A big presence in the States and the UK, the brand has now launched in Singapore to the local beauty community's unbridled glee (no more jaunts across the border to get Max Factor, y'all). But if you're unfamiliar with the name, here's the good stuff to pick up if you're looking for new and affordable staples: 

1. Crème Puff Pressed Powder
While it rocks an updated packaging, not much else has changed when it comes to this iconic face powder. Finely milled and buildable without being cakey, don't be surprised if your grandmums start nicking this from your vanity.

Max Factor Singapore launch

2. False Lash Epic mascara
Who remembers the 3000 Calorie mascara? That was cult Max Factor, and was pretty much falsies in a tube. False Lash Epic is like its second coming, only with a newfangled plastic wand that has a 360-degree reach to coat every last lash.

Max Factor Singapore launch

3. Crème Puff Blush
If you think these gorgeous blushers look uncannily like the swirly, marble-looking blushers of a certain high-end brand, you're not far off. From its appearance to its formula, makeup gurus have often touted this as the perfect drugstore dupe.

Max Factor Singapore launch

4. Masterpiece Nude Palettes
We're not sure if these came first or the Nakeds, but there's no denying the same-same colour scheme. And once you swatch these, let's just say if you need to save your pennies, pick up one (or three) of them and you can still get that similar velvety smooth blendability and ace pigmentation.

Max Factor Singapore launch

5. Lipfinity Lip Colour Duo
That name is absolutely not kidding around. Comprised of a two-step colour and topcoat system, this is truly the lipstick that will outlive all your coffees and bagels. Neither micellar water nor an oil makeup remover (with vigorous rubbing, btw) could get it to budge when we tried ridding an entire handful of swatches. This is iron-wear, certified.

Max Factor Singapore launch

Max Factor is available at all leading drugstores and pharmacies

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