Get inked with Make Up For Ever's long-lasting liners and eyeshadow paints

Get inked with Make Up For Ever's long-lasting liners and eyeshadow paints

Performance art

Text: Renée Batchelor

You know that Make Up For Ever's products work in real life because they've been designed to withstand the stage. Two new additions to the Aqua XL line expand your facepaint options

In its newest campaign featuring R&B singer Kehlani, Make Up For Ever continues its tradition of working with rising stars to showcase its expertise as a performance makeup brand. After all, if your makeup can withstand the rigours of the lights, action and perspiration in a performance, its bound to pass through life with flying colours. New additions to the range include the Color Paint, a lightweight waterproof shadow. With a gel-creme texture, this glides on when applied and dries to a powdery finish. In 20 shades, we especially like that it comes in three finishes — matte, iridescent and lustrous. Being an artistry brand, you can expect bolder shades like bright yellow and orange, but the brand hasn't neglected the more wearable browns, taupes and neutrals for everyday use as well.Aqua XL Color Paint, $40 each

And riffing off its ultra-popular Aqua XL Eye Pencil, the new Aqua XL Ink Liner promises colour intensity and 24 hour water resistance. From a brand that designs makeup used by synchronised swimmers, we take this claim pretty seriously. It has a non-oily lubricity so the liner glides on easily, while a waterproof film repels water and seals in the colour. The texture of the liner also doesn't dry or crack, so your liner stays picture perfect for hours. There are four finishes — matte, lustrous, diamond and metallic — and some of the more unusual shades are a lilac pink and a diamond-finish teal.

Aqua XL Ink Liner, $38 each

At Make Up For Ever counters and stores from 8 June