M.A.C launches an adorable Good Luck Trolls makeup collection

M.A.C launches an adorable Good Luck Trolls makeup collection


Text: Renée Batchelor

Before there were internet trolls, there were Good Luck Trolls. And now these colourful-haired dolls make a comeback with their own movie and M.A.C makeup collection

Troll dolls have seen their fair share of rises and dips in popularity since they were first created by a Danish fisherman and woodcutter, Thomas Dam, in 1959. They were known as Dam dolls in Europe, although they later were renamed Good Luck Trolls. These tiny creatures saw another resurgence when we were growing up in the 90's. Small in size, but big on hair, they brought much joy with their adorably ugly mugs — they were trolls after all — and rainbow coloured tresses. It was said that rubbing the hair would bring you good luck... hence the moniker.

M.A.C Trolls

The trolls will see an even bigger time in the spotlight with an upcoming movie. DreamWorks Animation has bought the rights from the Dam family and will be releasing a musical comedy (voiced by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake) later this year. So it's no surprise that M.A.C has resurrected them as well. Says M.A.C's James Gager, "The Good Luck Trolls have evoked love and joy since the 1960's. We are so happy we can put the spotlight on them again. M.A.C Cosmetics celebrates pop culture and fantasy — and brings these enchanting characters to life — through this eclectic, bright-hued collection." Among the products on offer will be lipsticks, lipglasses, eyeshadows, pigments and even a pink-tinged Duo Fibre face brush. We're in love with the kitschy-cool packaging and cheerful colours and can't wait to get our hands on these babies.


From $35-$92. Available from 12 August at M.A.C stores and counters