Go on, lust after the new Twilly d'Hermès fragrance

Go on, lust after the new Twilly d'Hermès fragrance

Silk stalking

Text: Renée Batchelor

Love Hermès beautiful silk scarves? Meet the delightful new fragrance inspired by the brand's famous Twilly

Desire and luxury are two words often associated with Hermès, but playfulness and irreverance is perhaps words less often used to describe the storied house. When we discovered the newest Eau de Parfum, Twilly D'Hermès, we were delighted by the younger, more contemporary twist on Hermès' unique brand of discreet luxury. The third fragrance created by Hermès in-house perfumer Christine Nagel was inspired by young women who turn convention on its head. Says Nagel, "I observed them, watched them lead their lives; I got a sense of them, understood them... I then discovered an obvious connection between Hermès' free spirit and these young women. You only have to look at what they do to our scarves, and what we dare to do with silk in our house. It's the same free spirit!" The flaçon is the brand's iconic lantern bottle reimagined and cut in half, with a tiny, silk spaghetti scarf around its neck, thrown in for good measure. And no, you won't be able to get this mini scarf in store.Hermes Twilly women

If you're expecting the usual fruity floral scents, then you've come to the wrong place. What you'll find instead is an interesting, almost exotic blend of ginger, tuberose and sandalwood. Says Nagel, "To represent them, I chose three ingredients and gave them a twist:  ginger, known as a 'white spice' in French; tuberose, an unsettling flower; and sandalwood, an elegant wood." Nagel made ginger the backdrop or canvas of the scent with its fibrous side, "underpinning and supporting" her creation. "Here, I've employed it in abundance; so it becomes biting... burning hot. What makes our ginger different is that we use rhizomes as a fresh root extract."

Twilly D'Hermes

Meanwhile the tuberose, a flower known for it's love-it-or-hate-it, pervasive notes was made generous and radiant to bring out the woman-child facet that the perfumer wanted to convey. Finally Nagel's take on sandalwood is tender and milky thanks to the special selection of trees. She says, "I wanted it to be assertive and strongly marked, and I have brought out its animal, carnal aspects. I have deliberately turned each of this trio of materials on their heads and woven them together so that none of them impairs the others, and each keeps its personality." A scent with character and subtle oomph, it's almost like Hermès is inviting you to wear it your way, just like one of its hand-printed scarves.

From $107 to $221. Available from 28 August at Hermès boutiques