Lu Ming Tang launches in Singapore with a counter at Tangs, Tang Plaza

Lu Ming Tang launches in Singapore with a counter at Tangs, Tang Plaza

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Even if coffee is your ride or die, this tea-infused goodness is a taste you find your skin will cultivate

The Brits may drink gallons of the stuff, but it's the French that has revolutionised the way we digest tea — by feeding it to our skin. Specifically, it's one French woman by the name of Marie Amiand, who saw fit to harness the incredible healing power of exceptional teas by distilling its skin-loving properties into actual skincare. Behold Lu Ming Tang, an East-meets-West designer beauty brand that formulates its products entirely from bio-actives extracted from precious tea blends.

Marie Amiand, founder of Lu Ming Tang

But how did Amiand even stumble upon tea as a viable-yet-overlooked skincare source, you might wonder? Let us backtrack over a decade. At the time, she was living in Shanghai where the polluted environment eventually became too much to bear. Up and moving to the pure valley of Longjing to embark on an Eat, Pray, Love journey of self-healing, tea edition, it is there that Amiand discovered the rejuvenation properties of tea. Four years of research later, she founded Lu Ming Tang, which combined the finesse and cutting-edge science of French skincare with the millenary wisdom of tea upheld by the Chinese.

Lu Ming Tang

Formulated from 99 per cent all-natural ingredients, the brand infuses every product with its patented Bio-Remedy Trio Complex that consists of tea polyphenols — an anti-oxidant 10,000 times more active than Vitamin E — combined with ultra-oxygenating chlorophyll (yes, the stuff used by plants during photosynthesis). These botanical actives are then effectively delivered to the core of your skin cells to re-activate, revitalise, and renew your complexion at the cellular level by helping it to 'breathe'. On top of detoxifying, de-polluting and all-around soothing and reviving the complexions of urbanites, Lu Ming Tang's comprehensive range of skincare goodies also arm the skin with an essential protection factor: A bio-shield to prevent future damage caused by environmental aggressors and pollutants.

Piqued to try a brew or two? Here's a tea-ser of the top three picks to add to your topshelf skincare faves:

Lu Ming Tang is available exclusively at Tangs Beauty Hall, Tangs at Tangs Plaza

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