Lisa from Blackpink is the new face of M.A.C. Cosmetics, Ikea x Byredo candles, and other beauty news

Lisa from Blackpink is the new face of M.A.C. Cosmetics, Ikea x Byredo candles, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @lalalisa_m

1. Lisa from Blackpink has been appointed as Global Brand Ambassador of M.A.C. Cosmetics.

This marks the first time that a female K-pop idol has taken up the mantle. And that's not all: beyond being the face of their latest campaigns, Lisa will also serve as a muse for the brand's upcoming innovation projects. The woman of the hour expressed her excitement in a statement, divulging that utilising M.A.C. Cosmetics has always bolstered confidence on stage. "Together with M.A.C, I am excited to invite and empower more audiences as we both have individuality and diversity at our core," she stated.


2. Ikea teams up with Byredo to release a limited-edition range of candles.

That are affordable, to boot. Known as Osynlig, it comprises 13 fresh, floral, and woody scents — all of which are housed in hand-formed ceramic vessels that are glazed with two colours that represent the ingredients found within each candle. Available in three sizes, the smallest will set you back a humble US$4.99 while the largest variation comes in at US$24.99. Sweet. Get in on this when it drops 1 November.


3. A Fenty Skin night cream is coming our way.

The Instant Reset Overnight Gel-Cream is a lot of things. According to bad gal RiRi, "she's not heavy but she thicc. She's not a fruit but she juicy. She's got the scoop but she not a gossip." How poetic — but then again, we expected nothing less of Rihanna's creative naming (and rhyming) prowess. It is recommended you use it after your cleanser and Fenty Fat Water, which thus allows you to emerge from your slumber looking "fresh, nourished, and glowing." Cheers to that. We'll be hitting add to cart when it arrives on the Fenty Skin site come 20 October.


4. Glossier adds several new body products to their current line-up.

Enter: The Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist as well as The Body Hero Exfoliating Bar. These spankin' new offerings contain the same orange-blossom-neroli scent; are vegan; and have already received a stamp of approval by our favourite players from the Women's National Basketball Association. You can watch how to put these bad boys to action with the helpful instruction video, below. And speaking of all-new releases...


5. Nudestix drops a water-resistant, long-wear concealer.

The NudeFix Cream Concealer comes in 13 hues; contains oil- and sebum-absorbing capabilities to prevent unsightly oxidation; and has a lightweight formula that won't make you feel as if you have a pound of concrete on your mien. What's not to like?


6. Estée Lauder launches four interactive games in celebration of their newly-released night serum.

This was done so as to give consumers a new way to learn about the new components of the cult offering through gamification. Senior vice president, Jon Roman, further elaborates that this allows the company to "build strong connections" while also offering consumers "something fun they can share with friends." Those with the speediest reaction times — and fast fingers — can stand a chance to win a full-sized bottle of the new Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. Hit the IG post below to get all the deets, or try out the ANR Arcade here.


7. Shiseido Professional has created an app that acts as a virtual salon.

The Colour Mirror utilises both AR and AI tech so you're able to try out a slew of hair colours in a risk-free manner and environment. Heck, and it's not just trying out uniform hair hues either — Shiseido has helpfully provided different dye styles for you to sample to your heart's content in the vein of gradation, dip dye and dark roots. If this is the future of the hair industry, we'd say our tresses are going to be looking impeccable, indeed.

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