Lierac’s got an anti-ageing skincare range with a lift-injection effect

Lierac’s got an anti-ageing skincare range with a lift-injection effect

Banish the sag

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Give your facial structure a helping hand in fighting the ageing process with Lierac’s new Lift Integral series

If a saggy countenance is the stuff of your nightmares (yes, you're in this conversation too, gents), and you've started investing in skincare and a gadget or two for the long term, consider including Lierac's new Lift Integral collection into your regime in order to get ahead of those dreaded wrinkles and jowls. Even if your skin is at the stage where hindsight is 20/20, beating premature ageing at its own game is still possible as Lift Integral is the world's first skincare range that delivers a lift-injection effect.

Uniquely formulated to target the loss of tension and volume due to the decrease in collagen fibres, Lierac has worked together with Dr Poignonec, an aesthetic plastic surgeon with 25 years under his belt, whose expertise lies in facelift and injection techniques in order to correct morphological ageing. Restoring the facial dynamic over time, Lift Integral tightens sagging — everything from drooping eyelids to ever-increasingly creased nasolabial lines — by filling in the hollow areas using hyalu-3 concentrate and extracts of mahogany and purple tulip; active ingredients which boost the extracellular matrix of the dermis to rebuild the tautness in those regions. On top of this, Lift Integral is intensely hydrating and comforting, delivering nourishment to your skin even as it lifts. Redefining facial contours like a pro, here's the 5-step Lierac routine to keep you looking young without the surgeon's knife:

Lift Integral Superactivated Lift Serum Firmness Booster, $128
An anti-ageing serum with a gel texture, working it into the skin creates a dynamic tensor film with an immediate stretching sensation on the face. It instantaneously restores volume, corrects wrinkles and firms up the slack.

Lierac Lift Integral Superactivated Lift Serum Firmness Booster

Lift Integral Sculpting Lift Cream, $128
More than a moisturiser, this is a remodeling day cream formulated with said lift-injection effect to tighten and restore your facial contours. The elastic gel-cream stimulates the synthesis of essential collagen fibres in all three layers of the dermis, and it also contains candolle flower oil to deeply hydrate and nourish.

Lierac Lift Integral Sculpting Lift Cream 

Lift Integral Restructuring Lift Cream Night, $128
The restructuring yin to the sculpting yang of the cream duo, this night version adds a detoxifying function to further tone facial contours. Not only does it smooth out the jawline and redefine the lower face, it stimulates the skin to regenerate and restructure to provide a facelift effect when you wake up.

Lierac Lift Integral Restructuring Lift Night Cream

Lift Integral Eye Lift Serum Eyes & Lids, $85
Who doesn't want more youthful looking eyes? Toning and correcting wrinkles around the delicate eye area, this lifting and smoothing serum works a 4-in-1 action that helps fight signs of fatigue, such as dark circles, loss of firmness and puffiness to revitalise and brighten your peepers.

Lierac Lift Integral Eye Lift Serum Eyes & Lids

Lift Integral Flash Lift Mask, $85
A product that packs two times more concentrate in active ingredients than the Sculpting Lift cream, this intensive lifting mask is the ultimate sag banisher. Enriched with a biotechnological polymer that provides an instant strengthening effect and injects long-lasting hydration into the skin, a mother-of-pearl extract even adds an extra illuminating effect. Tip: Leave it on overnight for the most youthful contours you haven't seen since 2010.

Lierac Lift Integral Flash Lift Mask

Lierac Lift Integral is available at Robinsons and Metro department stores and online retailers Lazada, Zalora and Redmart

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