Firm up your skin with Sulwhasoo's new cream

Firm up your skin with Sulwhasoo's new cream

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Text: Priscilla Tan

If your skin is not as firm and bouncy as you'd like, it might be time to reach for a jar of this miracle cream

There are times when we are pretty sanguine about ageing. And then there are times that you look down at a mirror and everything seems to have gone south, resulting in mild panic. That's when the investment in a fast-working lifting and firming cream seems like a good idea. Sulwhasoo is no stranger on the luxury skincare scene, and its expertise in creating the best concoctions for Asian skin has not gone unnoticed. Back to impress yet again, the latest Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream EX is as close as you can get to a face lift in a bottle — it strengthens support of the skin and rebuilds the foundation of resilience. 
Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream EX, buro247 sg
Blanketing the face with a thin protective barrier, the goodness of Sulwhasoo's newest firming cream — the JISUN Firming Complex — is locked in. A technology formulated to strengthen skin resilience, the JISUN Firming Complex comprises of three key ingredients. Boosting the connection between skin cells and elastic fibers is the key ingredient, the goji berry. To amplify the prowess of the goji berry, black soy is added into the mix. The finishing touch is that of arrowroot, providing the much-needed surge of moisture and elasticity enhancing properties, for a bouncy visage.

And for a pro tip — to fully maximise the Sulwhasoo elixir, the experts at Sulwhasoo recommend the relaxing JISUN massage, which only takes a minute or two. Using the base of the palm for even pressure, on the cheekbones, jawline and under the chin. Hold each pressing movement for five seconds, on the upper cheekbones, and five seconds on each portion of the jawline — dividing the jawline into three sections. For the chin, gently stroke in an upwards direction from the chin to the jawline. This will maximise the firming and lifting effect of the cream and with consistent use, give you skin so taut, you can bounce a coin of it.

$128. Available at the Sulwhasoo boutique and counters