Laneige's new brushes are designed for Asian women

Laneige's new brushes are designed for Asian women

Tools of the trade

Text: Renée Batchelor

Not all makeup brushes are created equal. When they're made specifically for the Asian market, you can be sure they'll be the right fit

Ask any makeup artist the secret to flawless makeup and they'll likely tell you that other than skill, brushes play a major role. Some makeup artists are so attached to particular brushes that they use the same one for years and years. After all with proper maintanence — think regular cleansing and flat drying your brushes — good-quality tools can last you a lifetime.

Laneige makeup artist Chang Bong Han designed these makeup brushes specially for Asian women. The 15 brushes in the range are all made of soft and high-quality hair (a mix of natural and synthetic bristles are used depending on the brush) and they promise good coverage and adhesion to your makeup.

Not sure where to start? Here are five brushes recommendations to add into your makeup kit. With the affordable prices, it's easy to stock up.

1) Foundation brush #02, $30
Great for applying your liquid and cream foundations smoothly, evenly and quickly.

Laneige Foundation Brush

2) Dual-Fibre Multi-Brush #03, $36
Made from two materials — wool and artificial hair — this is perfect for creating radiance with your powders, cushions and foundations. Use a gentle, rolling motion when applying product.

Laneige Dual Fibre Multi-Brush

3)  Jumbo Powder Brush #04, $36
This water drop-shaped brush is great when used with loose powder. It fills in pores, reduces sebum and gives the skin a fresh quality.

Laneige Jumbo Powder Brush

4)  Contour Brush #06, $30
Contouring and scuplting the face is all the rage, but you need a good brush. Made from natural hair, this brush is diagonally-cut for the best effect.

Laneige Contour Brush

5) Large Eyeshadow Brush #09, $30
Made from horse hair, this flat brush is perfect for creating an evenly blended eyeshadow base.

Laneige Large Eyeshadow Brush

From $12 to $36. At Laneige boutiques