Laneige's new eyeliner is perfect for shaky hands

Laneige's new eyeliner is perfect for shaky hands

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Hopeless when it comes to getting the perfect, clean, line with your eyeliner? Perhaps this Korean innovation will help

Eyeliner is a makeup staple for most women who wear makeup as it's (relatively) low on effort. But there is a small section of the population who simply suck at using eyeliner. You can spot them by their uneven lines — one thicker than the other — or by their absence of liner altogether. Or you might simply be one of those who take way too long to get your eyeliner right, even if you're doing it in well-lit place in front of a giant mirror. Some of us are simply not meant to be the next Pat McGrath.

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Here's where Korean innovation steps in once again. Laneige bucks the trend, or rather sets it with the new Finger Graphic Liner. At first glance, it looks a tad gimmicky, but don't be surprised if this is roundly copied by other beauty brands in time to come, if it proves successful. The design of this eyeliner is ergonomic and sleek, and meant to fit intuitively around your hand, supporting the drawing finger, for absolute precision. Even the handle of this gadget is designed to fit the size of an Asian woman's hand. It actually positions the fingers at a comfy, 150° angle so you can control your movement better. It's perfect for tightlining, or cat eye flicks, or any of the elaborate eyeliner trends you're keen on mastering. But the applicator is just one half of this equation.

The actual formula is just as key. This one is mild, and non-irritating. While it is designed to be resistant to water and sweat — it contains a film that dries to a matte finish over the colour pigment — it is also safe to use on the sensitive waterline. The formula also ensures a neat, seamless line that will please even the most OCD-like user. Use it for a smooth colour at the waterline, or fill in between the lashes for that barely-there, natural look. This comes in four shades, a black, brown and burgundy as well as a nude shimmer that is called, Sequin Beige. Described as sparkly, and dewy like tears, this can be used to highlight under the lower lash line or to dot in in the inner corners. We're calling it as the newest eyeliner trend. 

$36. Available from the end of August at Laneige counters and stores