Lancôme creates a sensitive version of its iconic Génifique serum

Lancôme creates a sensitive version of its iconic Génifique serum

Gentle does it

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you've tried Lancôme's legendary Génifique serum, but need something to deal with your sensitised skin, the Advanced Génifique Sensitive is a godsend

If you suspect that your skin is becoming more and more sensitised over time, you're not imagining things. A combination of environmental factors such as the weather (and changes in it), constant travelling between timezones, life and work stress, and pollution can cause the skin's surface to become more fragile. Lancome's new Advanced Génifique Sensitive is a fresh, antioxidant serum that instantly soothes skin from the usual sensitivities including tightness, discomfort and itchiness, while also providing a long-term protection against future disomfort. 

The new formula for this much-loved serum contains a synergistic combination of antioxidants including pure ferulic acid and pure vitamin E.  The helps the skin strengthen itself against UVA rays, infrared radiation, and pollution, all of which leads to signs of ageing. Because this is formulated for sensitive skin, the brand has also devised an innovation to keep the ingredients potent and fresh. To maintain the freshness of the ingredients, you have to 'release' the antioxidants stored in the cap, and shake the contents. First, press and twist the booster cap until it pops. Next, shake the bottle well to mix the ingredients and throw away the booster cap. Add on the top with the precision dropper and voila, you have your newly-mixed bottle that must then be used up within two months. Expect results in as little as 30 days.