Ladurée’s coveted makeup collection has landed on our shores

Ladurée’s coveted makeup collection has landed on our shores

Sweet little things

Text: Angelyn Kwek

What do macarons and makeup have in common? That’ll be Les Merveilleuses Ladurée, the premium cosmetics range from the famed patisserie

You have to hand it to the French. They just do everything better, from fashion and food to the arts and (most importantly) beauty. Literally Google translated to mean 'the wonderful ones', Les Merveilleuses Ladurée is exactly the kind of makeup we reckon Marie-Antoinette would have stockpiled back in the day. Ridiculously pretty with a chic French Noveau aesthetic, the collection takes its branding from the 'marvelous women' who emerged post-Revolution as a generation of trendsetters that pursued beauty according to their own unique and individual sense of self.

While Les Merveilleuses will no doubt have already pinged on the radar of the makeup addicts, those who haven't an inkling your favourite imported macarons have a makeup collection to its name can expect the range to have the same elegance that can be found in its Parisian tea rooms. More than just surface packaging though, the brand philosophy also incorporates French history and spirit by spotlighting the humble blusher as its hero product — a nod to 18th century noble Frenchwomen who were only allowed to wear cheek colours when it comes to cosmetics.


So it goes without saying the iconic Face Colour Rose Ladurée is the must-have if you're planning on swinging by the newly opened Les Merveilleuses flagship store in Takashimaya. With pigments crafted into surreal-looking rose petals that you swirl a brush over to tap on a natural, airy flush, it's blusher like you've never experienced before. Sitting in a little dome of its own, there's even a sensorial kick once you pop the lift off, as the petals are perfumed to smell like real roses. But once you've secured this treasure for yourself, what other Les Merveilleuses makeup bits should you pick up while you're at it? Here are some other treats worth checking out:

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée is located at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, B1-37A