L:a Bruket: This skincare brand new to Singapore is giving us more reasons to love organic beauty

L:a Bruket: This skincare brand new to Singapore is giving us more reasons to love organic beauty

Off the coast

Text: Sinead Lee

Editor: Jolene Khor

We may have celebrated Earth Day a few months ago, but with forethought, we should be casting light on pro-environment causes more regularly. Goal: thinking green every day.

There are little actions we can take in our consideration of our impact on Mother Nature. Being more mindful about what's in our beauty products by adopting more sustainable approaches towards what we put on our skin, can reduce our ecological footprint. Such is the ethos of L:a Bruket, the Swedish brand that's been making waves in the organic beauty scene.

Good news, L:a Bruket is finally bringing their green vibes to Escentials Singapore.

L:a Bruket's vision of sustainable beauty and transparency is at the forefront — literally and figuratively. The range is small but mighty; four organic, vegan and non-toxic products’ ingredients (which you can actually pronounce) are displayed no proudly on the label, assuring everything from sourcing to packaging leaves the smallest environmental trail possible. Inspired by natural elements from Swedish coastal life — wind, mud, salt, rock, ice, sand, water and sun  L:a Bruket’s skins-savers are built around the idea of protecting your skin from the marring coastal and urban life exposes us to. Think: a heavy-duty moisturiser that counters dryness and calms irritated skin from bitter wind chill, with a delicate hit of lavender.

For the full list, keep on scrolling:


Body Lotion
Do away with dry and rough skin with this mild yet deeply moisturising natural hand and body wash that promises to hydrate and cleanse the body.


Hand & Body Wash
L:a Bruket’s body lotion is said to have a soft texture that absorbs quickly and easily for silky-soft skin. The fragrant formula is designed to keep your body hydrated while countering dryness and calming irritated skin.


Facial Cream Light: Chamomile/Lavender
The scented facial cream promises to effectively combat skin irritation and helps protect the skin from free radicals. Its lightweight formula is not only moisturising, the product also hopes to calm skin from irritants.


Facial Cream Rich: Carrot/Beragmot
Lightweight and rich seems an oxymoron, though not at L:a Bruket. This face cream is designed to create a smooth canvas by nourishing dry skin back to health while stimulating collagen production (premature ageing, never again).

Available at escentials Paragon, Tangs Plaza and online.