Kylie Skin receives backlash, Amandla Stenberg is the new face of Fenty Beauty, and other beauty news this week

Kylie Skin receives backlash, Amandla Stenberg is the new face of Fenty Beauty, and other beauty news this week

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @kylieskin

1. Kylie Jenner receives flak for her Walnut Facial Scrub.

The Internet-induced outrage can be attributed to the marked similarity in ingredients between Kylie's scrub and the highly controversial St. Ives Apricot Scrub. A 2017 lawsuit against the brand claimed that physical exfoliants used within such formulations creates microscopic tears in the skin, leading to heightened skin sensitivity and an increased vulnerability to bacteria. Eep.



2. Kylie Jenner files for "Kylie Hair" and "Kylie Baby" trademarks.

Nope, you're not reading that wrong. Plans are in motion to launch hair brushes, dryers, and diffusers for Kylie Hair; whereas the latter touts baby carriers, car seats, and strollers amongst other infant care items.



3. Amandla Stenberg is the new face of Fenty Beauty.

The Hate U Give star expressed her joy through an Instagram post, claiming that "Fenty Beauty's whole ethos makes me feel empowered and excited to let different facets of myself shine." Considering Stenberg's outspokenness on cultural appropriation, inclusivity, and more, we'd say it's a match-made in heaven.



4. Juvia's Place is dropping their first-ever foundation in 42 hues.

Known for their pigmented palettes and luscious lippies, up-and-coming label Juvia's Place adds foundation and concealer to their line-up — with its respective 42- and 24-shade ranges garnering praise from the Internet. Additionally, it is also oil-, paraben-, and cruelty-free. Just take our money, already.



5. Beyoncé debuts dark brown locks.

In a totally unexpected move, Queen Bey sheds her signature honey blonde locks for dark brown waves set with caramel highlights. Long-time colourist, Rita Hazan, later revealed that most of her hair-related changes have actually been decided "on-a-whim". Impulsive or otherwise, she's clearly making it work for her.



6. The Body Shop launches their first Community Trade recycled plastic initiative.

Done in partnership with Plastics For Change, Hasiru Dala, and Hasiru Dala innovations, The Body Shop will use recycled plastic to replace the packaging of up to three million of their haircare products. They also aim to empower up to 2,500 waste pickers in Bengaluru, granting them a predictable income, access to better work conditions, and more.



7. Priyanka Chopra advocates skin inclusivity in her latest campaign.

Aptly named "Skinclusion", the campaign focuses on the empowerment and recognising of one's unconscious biases so the industry can strive for better representation and inclusion in skincare. Working together with female-led label, Obagi, Chopra hopes to bring an awareness to this issue at hand so consumers are able to recognise and challenge these prejudices going forwards. Kudos all around.



8. Urban Decay drops eight new Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners.

OG hues of gold and silver are now joined by a rainbow party of green, teal, bronze, and more. Mix and match 'em to deliver on some intense shine that appears to glow in the dark, even.