Kylie Jenner teases hair and body products, a new disability-accessible makeup brand, and other beauty news

Kylie Jenner teases hair and body products, a new disability-accessible makeup brand, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @kyliejenner

1. Kylie Jenner registers for a multitude of new beauty trademarks.

They are Kylie Body, Kylie Body by Kylie Jenner (gotta have options), Kylie Hair, KylieCon, and even Kylie Museum, if you can believe it. The beauty mogul is keeping mum as to when she'll be breaking ground on these new ventures, but you can bet it'll be sometime soon — and that they'll probably be epic. We're taking bets on which will come first. Perhaps hair, if her latest mane makeover is any indication?


2. Cynthia Nixon goes viral in a powerful video about the contradictory messages and pressures women face.

The (close-to) three-minute-long clip has Nixon reciting an adapted version of celebrated essay, 'Be A Lady They Said', by Camille Rainville. In it, she lists numerous societal expectations on women, such as "don't be too fat or too thin" and "cover up but show some skin". These statements are accompanied by clips from pop culture and fashion photoshoots to further hammer in the point, all of which comes together to form a profoundly moving — and impactful — video. To say this is one we'll be remembering for years to come is no exaggeration.


3. Up-and-coming disability-friendly label, Guide Beauty, aims to change the way we use makeup.

Created by makeup luminary and artist Terri Bryant, Guide Beauty specialises in ergonomic tools and products that allow for seriously easy application. Think mascaras and brow gels with comfortable grip-applicators that steady the hand, precision liner tips, and convenient twist-and-flick jars. Is it too soon to say they're changing the beauty landscape as we know it? We think not.


4. Selena Gomez announces a community call for her beauty brand.

Yup, when she's not busy dropping chart-toppers, Gomez is going full steam ahead with Rare Beauty. While she hasn't announced her first product yet, the songbird has taken to Instagram to announce a community call for their upcoming launch campaign. That's right, this means no models rocking Rare Beauty makeup — just us ordinary folk. To participate, submit an entry on their site sharing your story and detail what makes you "rare." Winners also get to test the products before anyone else and, most importantly, meet a group of likeminded individuals. Fun.


5. Gucci Beauty launches its first product beyond lipstick.

Meet the Gucci Mascara L'Obscur. It boasts an ultra-rich, creamy texture that coats lashes in a "perfect" amount of film, with its flexible elastomer brush designed to catch even the smallest of lashes. Other claims include a transfer-, smudge-, and feather-proof formula alongside a long-wear finish of up to 12 hours. What's not to love? Speaking of new releases...


6. Glossier drops their debut product of 2020...

...and it's an eyeshadow! These matte lid tints come in seven hues varying from terracotta to periwinkle, dries down to a powdery finish, and — like most Glossier fare — is ridiculously easy-to-use. BRB, in the midst of adding it to our (already) overflowing carts.


7. Renowned haircare label, Coco & Eve, gets into body care.

You might know them as the brand responsible for cult-favourite hair mask, Like A Virgin, but don't go thinking they're a one-trick pony just yet. The brand is branching out this season by adding nourishing body products to their line-up, including a body mask, moisturiser, and exfoliator. No word yet as to if they'll be coming to our shores, but you can buy them online come 2 March.


8. E.L.F Cosmetics obtains clean makeup label, W3LL People.

For a cool US$27 million, we might add. This was done in a bid to expand its brand portfolio while also making their mark within the clean beauty space. The founders of W3LL People will be staying on, and both brands have assured loyal consumers that they will continue to maintain — and create — stellar formulations at affordable prices.